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Award-winners 2012

In the context of EuroCIS, EHI has distributed its retail technology awards Europe (reta) for the fifth time at a festive evening event in the “Rheinterasse” in Düsseldorf. In each of the categories Best Customer Experience, Best In-Store Solution and Best Enterprise Solution, three winners were designated.


Winner in the Category Best Customer Experience

Auchan Italia SpA: Self-Scanning with Smart Phone
Björn Weber, Planet Retail, presents the reta europe 2012 to Marino Vignati, Auchan Italia SpA

Auchan SpA has improved the customer’s shopping experience by offering the opportunity to use the smart phone for shopping. The advantages for the customer are the integration between the functions of the traditional self-scanning devices and the activities that can be made outside of the store. The self-scanning functions can be accessed directly from the customers smartphone, additionally the can use the app to create shopping lists at home or to look up special offers before visiting the store etc. Using his own smart phone instead of the self-scanning device the customer can read the bar codes of the products before placing them in the basket, receive advertising messages, view the partial account and receive information about the queues at the service counter.

Euronics XXL: Digital Receipt
Philipp Hartmann (Reposito GmbH) received the reta europe in the category Best Customer Experience on behalf of Euronics XXL

Euronics XXL Mega Company (a consumer electronics company with 5 outlets in the area around Lake Constance) prints a unique two-dimensional QR-Code on each receipt. This QR-Code can be scanned by the customer using the Reposito app for iPhone or Android. A digital copy of the receipt is automatically transferred to the customer’s account at Reposito. All products stored at Reposito are automatically synchronised and can be accessed via app or web. If needed, a valid copy of the receipt can be printed out.

Netto Marken-Discount: Mobile App
In the same category the reta europe 2012 goes to Claus Leitl, Netto Marken-Discount

Netto has created an distinct platform for ongoing communications with its customers through apps that are available for all the relevant platforms. The loyalty scheme reaches additional customer groups, as apps on smart phones particularly appeal to young mobile users. Many features within the app, like the shopping list in which you can directly paste items by photographing the barcode or the sales slips which are stored in the shopping history section, increase the benefits for the consumers. Netto can also use various methods for mobile couponing and payment like NFC, Scancode or vpnowID without incurring great expense.


Winner in the Category Best In-Store Solution

McDonald's Europe: Self-Service Kiosk Systems
On behalf of McDonald´s Europe, Ralph Marshall gets the award in the category Best In-Store Solution

McDonald's has identified the need for EPoS self-service technology and has installed new kiosk systems in restaurants in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Portugal. The Easy Order kiosks reduce queue times by moving payment away from the serving point, giving families a quicker, more interactive and stress-free experience, while still allowing McDonald’s crew to communicate with the guests on collection.

Parfümerie Douglas: Payment Process on Mobile Devices
Peter Fensky, IBM Deutschland, presents the award to Thomas Baumann, Parfümerie Douglas International

Parfümerie Douglas was looking for ways of completing the payment process on mobile devices as the final stage of its interaction with customers. Customers in the pilot store are now able to pay through the sales attendant’s iPod on which a reduced version of their EPoS Software is installed and which has been equipped with a card reader. Using this mobile device, sales staff can also provide the customer with additional product information, allow discounts and access the customer’s bonus card account.

real,-: Excellent Freshness
Win van Herwijnen and Uwe Pieper, both real,-, receive the reta europe 2012 from Peter Fensky, IBM Deutschland

real,-’s goal is to provide the customers with fresh meat products in optimal availability and excellent freshness at a reasonable price. The essence of the solution that has now been awarded is the constant visibility of product availability and status while still avoiding high costs for manual high frequency cycle counts. Using a Serial Globe Trade Identification Number (S-GTIN) and the GS1 Data Bar as data carrier, real,- has been able to significantly improve shelf availability of fresh meat products and at the same time managed to reduce the amount of write-offs and waste.


Winner in the Category Best Enterprise Solution

EDEKA Südwest: Weather-Dependent Forecasts
Andreas Lux, EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Südwest mbH, received the reta europe 2012 in the category Best Enterprise Solution from Miya Knights, Retail Technology UK

Edeka wanted to find a way to improve demand forecasts for weather-dependent products, thus ensuring proper availability and avoiding overstocks and write-offs at the same time. The awarded solution combines Edeka’s sales data of various products with the different weather data from MeteoMedia, thus providing a forecasting model that uses the average temperature and the daily amount of hours of sunshine to successfully interpret customers' demand in the past and use weather forecasts to improve the demand forecast for the next two weeks.

OTTO: Predictive Analytics
Michael Sinn, Otto, receive the award in the category Best Enterprise Solution from Miya Knights, Retail Technology, UK

As traditional methods of forecasting quickly began to reveal their limitations in the complex world of online retail, Otto was in need of new methods – with scientific roots. The awarded predictive analytics solution identifies the complex interconnections that exist within huge volumes of data and uses them to produce valuable forecasts. These forecasts help the purchasing department to keep the number of pieces ordered from suppliers as close as possible to the actual amount needed, ultimately increasing the company‘s profits.

REWE Group: RFID-based Tracking
Jens Siebenhaar, REWE-Informations-Systeme, received the reta europe 2012 in the category Best Enterprise Solution from Miya Knights, Retail Technology, UK

The primary goal of Rewe Group’s award winning logistics project VisTA (Visibility of Transport Assets), was to thoroughly track more than 250,000 high-value units of Material Handling Equipment (MHE, at a price of up to 600 euros each) that are constantly in transit between warehouses, stores, and disposal facilities, in order to debit and credit the respective units in real time. To comprehensively record MHE movement data among 30 different logistics locations and more than 10,000 Rewe Group stores means collecting about 6 million data points every day. The VisTA project enabled Rewe to merge these data with the master data, to process the data by event and transaction and to do so in a transparent and auditable form.