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Award-winners 2013

Following the premiere at EuroShop 2008, the EHI Retail Institute has distributed its retail technology awards (reta) Europe on 19 February 2013 on the occasion of the EuroCIS trade fair. Once more, the jury had the difficult task to select the winners out of 36 outstanding applications. In 2013 the following companies received an award in one of three categories:


Winner in the Category Best Customer Experience

EDEKA Grümmi: Retail Banking
Peter Fensky, IBM, presents the reta europe 2013 to Gerd Grümmer, Gerd Grümmer Lebensmittelmärkte GmbH

EDEKA Grümmer, in cooperation with Micros, offers a special service: banking services like cash withdrawals, account balance inquiries and other money transactions can be taken care of at the POS. Contrary to the well-known cash back system the customers don’t even have to make a purchase to draw money.

EDEKA Südwest: Product Transparency
David Willmann (EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Südwest mbH) received the reta europe 2013 in the category Best Customer Experience

EDEKA Südwest is taking into account its customers’ increased environmental awareness and provides transparency on all levels of production with an innovative identification system. The information portal for the local brand “Unsere Heimat – echt & gut” (“Our homeland – real & good”) includes some 1,000 suppliers. Staff and customers have access to the portal, which can also be consulted using the QR code of the articles and provides information about the exact origin of each product, as well as a portrait of the producer concerned.

Tommy Hilfiger & ID24: Customer Touch Screens
In the same category the reta europe 2013 goes to Bas Spierenburg, Tommy Hilfiger Group BV

The American fashion retailer Tommy Hilfiger has realised a clever integration of online activities into the stationary business in his 200 branches in 20 countries with his customer touch screens. Having logged in, the customer can view his purchases, including receipts and vouchers, and comment on his shopping experience, which provides the retailer with up-to-the-minute data and up-to-date feedback.


Winner in the Category Best In-Store Solution

Migros T.A.S & OBASE: My Office App
Ali Kadioglu, Migros T.A.S and Bülent Dal, OBASE, are receiving the reta europe 2013 in the category Best In-Store Solution

In the space of six months Migros Turkey has developed a comprehensive tablet-PC-based information platform for its store managers called “My Office App”. With that application the store managers can access various data and analyses (planograms, product information, clearance sales analysis etc.). Thereby the branches work with the same data as the head office and information can be transmitted directly to the head office using the mobile terminal.

real,- & arvato: Cross Channel Commerce Hub
Jörg Hölterhoff, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, presents the award to Marcel Uphues, real,- SB-Warenhaus GmbH

With its Cross Channel Commerce Hub real responds to the challenges of multichannel commerce. Information about all the sales channels (mobile shop, online shop, POS, social media platforms) are captured by the data hub and are placed at the disposal of the different process participants (call centre, POS systems, third-party-order suppliers etc.). All employees involved therefore have a “single source of truth” at their disposal.

REWE Markt: Best Freshness Mobile Data Capture
Björn Keyser und Hilmar Hübers, both REWE Markt GmbH, receive the reta europe 2013 from Jörg Hölterhoff, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

The optimal delivery of fresh produce poses an important challenge. Rewe’s IT department supports such process via the “Beste Frische-MDE” (“Best Freshness Mobile Data Capture”). On a intuitive MDC screen the employees responsible obtain, apart from the sales forecast of each product, information about stocks, promotions, cannibalisation effects etc. Using this knowledge base, orders can be processed in situ on the mobile terminal and stocks can be managed.


Winner in the Category Best Enterprise Solution

Garant-Möbel-Gruppe: Online Multi-Shop
Stefan Koshold, Unit N and Christian Bonus, Garant-Moebel Holding, received the reta europe 2013 in the category Best Enterprise Solution from Björn Weber, Planet Retail

The online trade of the furniture branch is dominated by pure players. With the “online multi-shop’ the Garant Möbel association places a professional online presence at the disposal of its members, whereby product data and the online shop itself is made available and organised in a centralised manner, taking into account the legal requirements. The member companies can individualise their appearance and are exempt from routine activities.

MediaSaturn: Realtime Analytics
Jürgen Herrlinger, Media Saturn IT Services and Dominik Mandel, Media Saturn Holding, receive the award in the category Best Enterprise Solution from Björn Weber, Planet Retail

Using SAP’s HANA technology Media-Saturn Holding is able to calculate in real time the prices of products, taking into account all contractual conditions, such as bonuses, advertising cost contributions etc. The effects on turnover and profits are immediately at the disposal of those responsible on their mobile devices. Thus, for instance, the effect of last-minute price changes carried out by competitors can be analysed immediately on the spot and appropriate measures can be taken.

Shop Direct Group: Near-real Time User Data
Natalie Cranny, Shop Direct Group, received the reta europe 2013 in the category Best Enterprise Solution from Björn Weber, Planet Retail

By integrating near-real time user data from the various distribution channels into its Teradata Data Warehouse, the Shop Direct Group has gained closer insight in its customers and their wishes. Thanks to that analysis and the target group-oriented customer approach derived from it, the investment already paid itself off after 7 months.