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Top Supplier Retail 2019

The participating service providers and suppliers were awarded as a "Top Supplier Retail 2019".

We thank the vendor companies for supporting the awarded retailers in their outstanding projects.


Best Customer Experience


Technology from Scandit Computer Vision enables customers to see price information on their smartphones using augmented reality (AR).
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Edeka Paschmann offers its customers a “scan & go” experience. After downloading snabble, an app, they can start making purchases right away with their smartphones.
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Best In-Store Solution


Geolocated digital price tags from SES-imagotag make it possible to determine the exact locations of all Bio C´Bon products.
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Together with T-Systems, Edeka Jänecke implemented a project that combined store modernisation and digitalisation.
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  • MishiPay

Best Enterprise Solution

Blue Yonder

Fashion retailer bonprix has chosen the price optimisation software Blue Yonder to improve its sales and margins. 
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Metro is using open-source technology to set up a new IT infrastructure. Developed in collaboration with Deepshore, the system is completely infrastructure-independent. More about the reta-winners

  • Checkpoint

Best Omnichannel Solution

Diebold Nixdorf

Ikea and Diebold Nixdorf have set up a cloud-based infrastructure. All customer transactions are stored and processed in the cloud. More about the reta-winners

GK Software

Tally Weijl wants to connect with its customers through all channels, online and offline, in order to secure their brand loyalty. 
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Working with Sunrise Technology, Kroger has developed EDGE, or Enhanced Display for Grocery Environments, an IoT solution based on Microsoft Azure.
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