retail technology awards europe

The retail technology awards europe

The retail technology awards europe intend to distinguish retail companies for their implementation of outstanding and innovative information technology solutions in retail. Reta europe awards are granted in the following categories.


Best Customer Experience

This award will be presented to a retailer who has implemented future-oriented methods and technology to increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Best In-Store Solution

This award will be presented to a retailer who, through technology, has achieved a demonstrable operational added value at the POS.

Best Enterprice Solution

This award will be presented to a retail company which, through the development and implementation of innovative systems and technologies, has increased its efficiency, either within the company or in its relationship with other businesses.

Best Omnichannel Solution

This award will be presented to a retailer with the best omnichannel implementation.

Submissions / Conditions of participation

In its assessment the jury will pay particular attention to the degree of innovation and the strategic or financial utility of the projects.

  • Each retail company that has implemented innovative solutions using information technology in the categories Best Customer Experience, Best In-Store solution, Best Enterprise Solution or Best Omnichannel Solution, is eligible for the awards.
  • Nominations can be made by the IT partners of the retail industry and by retail companies themselves.
  • Participation in the competition is free of charge.
  • The award-winners, selected by a top-flight international jury, will be honoured at an evening venue.

All participants from the retail industry will each receive an invitation as a guest of honour at that gala event, which will be organised in the context of the EuroShop or EuroCIS trade fairs. The participating retail companies will also have the opportunity to invite a representative of their IT service provider to the evening. Should it be necessary to submit additional data to explain or illustrate the solution, these can subsequently be sent in.

The closing date for nominations is the 18th October 2019 6:00 p.m. (GMT).

Apply now!

You can download the submission form for the reta europe awards 2020 here.

Submission Form (PDF)
Caroline Martens
Projekt Manager Research IT
+49 221 57993-31


The jury, composed of representatives of industry, universities and research institutions, will select the reta award-winners among the many submissions received in four categories. The winners will receive the award for their exceptional IT solutions at a gala event which will be organised in the context of either the EuroShop or EuroCIS trade fairs.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Jörg Becker

Managing Director, ERCIS European Research Center for Information Systems, University of Münster (D)

Jörg Glaser

Managing Director, Der Mittelstandsverbund – ZGV e.V., Berlin/ Cologne/Brussels (D/B)

Miya Knights

Publisher, and Head of Industry Insight, Eagle Eye, London(UK)

Winfried Lambertz

Editor-in-chief stores+shops technology, EHI Retail Institute, Cologne (D)

Ivano Ortis

Vice President, Retail, Manufacturing, and Financial Insights Europe, IDC, Milan (I)

Joachim Pinhammer

Retail Technology Expert, Frankfurt/M (D)

Björn Weber

Retail Technology Expert, Frankfurt/M (D)