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reta awards 2021 – Our Winners

The reta awards were presented for the 14th time. Fifteen outstanding retail technology solutions were recognised in five different categories.

reta Gewinner

Best Customer Experience

reta winner 2021 Küchenquelle


Küchenquelle turns kitchen planning into a digital, interactive experience. Using a mixed reality solution called “rooms” from the Berlin-based start-up Island Labs, the store presents interior furnishings in the form …

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… of a true-to-scale 3D hologram. Customers can use the mixed reality headset Microsoft HoloLens to view selected furnishings as if they were already placed in their own home, as well as to virtually move them around the room. Advisors can implement any desired changes directly within the app. The online solution allows suppliers of kitchens to interact with their customers in real time without needing to be present in person.

reta winner 2021 Breuninger


Breuninger has implemented a comprehensive omnichannel concept in its flagshipstore in Nuremberg. Customers can use digital touchpoints to access information and tips. Smart stations provide information about …

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… product availability, and they display sizes and product variants on sale in other stores. The concept also includes fitting rooms which feature digital technology, digital pillars to help customers find their way around the store, digital LED walls, a click-and-collect service and the opportunity to book online appointments for consultations, the tailoring service or the beauty department. The project was carried out together with technology partners MuSe Content and 3d-berlin vr solutions.

reta winner 2021 tegut


Food retailer Tegut continues to pursue its strategy of embracing self-service with its innovative convenience store “tegut… teo”. Thanks to smart technology, the shop requires no staff and shopping can be carried out …

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… around the clock. The first mini shop in Fulda, with a retail space of 50sqm, is designed to function as a local shop and offers 950 products in the form of everyday essentials. Customers can enter the shop 24/7 using an app with an entry code or their bank or credit card. Purchases can be made via app or using the payment terminal. The companies Wanzl, design for human nature and snabble are involved in developing the format.

Best Instore Solution

reta winner 2021 Billa/ Merkur


The Rewe subsidiary BILLA / MERKUR is implementing an automated smart shelf solution from Bizerba in its Austrian supermarkets. It is able to monitor shelf …

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… gram and centimetre in real time using integrated weight sensors and a smart algorithm which calculates the exact point on the shelf from which a product has been removed, thus identifying the product itself. This means that staff no longer need to carry out a visual inspection of the goods. Inventory levels were able to be reduced considerably as a result of introducing the system. What’s more, this also led to an improvement in internal processes within the supermarket chain.

reta winner Edeka Oertwig

Edeka Oertwig

Edeka Oertwig has installed two smart-scanner and POS systems in addition to the four conventional checkout counters in its Henstedt-Ulzburg store, which opened in …

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… March 2020. The smart POS systems, called ScanMate, have two checkout points and two packing zones. Employees no longer have to scan the goods by hand. The exception is only when the code is hard to read or when fruits or vegetables have to be weighed. The 360° barcode scanner stops the belts if the code on an item cannot be read automatically. The system can handle 102 customers per hour with baskets holding an average of 15 articles. Scales and cash management machines can be integrated optionally. The project was implemented in collaboration with ITAB Germany and GLORY.

reta award winner

Rohan Pharmacy

The Rohan Pharmacy has equipped its main outlet in the southern German town of Ettenheim with digital shelf labels that are linked to high-tech shelf cameras, the …

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… POS system and the warehouse logistics system. The company uses a total of some 1,100 digital shelf labels. Four cameras automatically report when articles have to be restocked. The supplier for this project is SES-imagotag Germany.

Best Enterprise Solution

reta winner 2021 Babyone


BabyOne has introduced an internal e-learning platform for its employees. They can use the platform, which was initiated with Qualitize, to create and upload videos, …

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… create wish lists, request information, mark favourites, comment on posts or react using emoticons. In doing so, BabyOne is creating a lively community for its employees, especially those working on the shop floor, where members inform, motivate and inspire one another.

reta award winner


E.Leclerc has created a platform for exchanging data with suppliers. This required the digitisation of data from thousands of suppliers across all industries – including …

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… those industries which had not yet joined the digital revolution. The suppliers can use the platform to provide regularly updated information on their products and prices. This information is then gathered by the platform and made available on E.Leclerc’s website, as well as in outlets and warehouses. A range of functions enable suppliers to, for example, expand upon the nutritional information of their products and to share this with the retailer directly. The project was carried out together with Alkemics.

reta winner Fressnapf


Fressnapf has introduced the smart assistant “MIA” in its stores, providing the staff working in these stores with access to all customer data. MIA also provides support with …

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… managing tasks in-store. For example, the task management solution provides assistance when it comes to sorting products which are past their use-by or best-before dates. In each store, the use-by or best-before date of each individual product is stored digitally. MIA automatically communicates the tasks which need to be done. This means that both the stores themselves and the company’s headquarters have an overview of all products which are about to expire.

Best Connected Retail Solution

reta winner 2021 Intersport


The sporting goods store INTERSPORT is continuing its digital transformation on the French market and linking its e-commerce website with the stores. In France the group has implemented OMS OneStock, …

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… an omnichannel solution offered by service provider OneStock. This tool unifies the stores’ inventories and enables the company to offer about 90 percent of its product range on its website for sale in stores and by mail order.

reta winner Rose

ROSE Bikes

ROSE Bikes has implemented a scalable omnichannel solution in cooperation with ROQQIO Commerce Solutions. The central element of its future IT architecture is the Roqqio Commerce Cloud, which …

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… connects the various systems like webshop and manufacturing ERP, enabling scalable omnichannel order management. The bicycle dealer’s brick-and-mortar stores use POS solutions like checkout counters and in-store apps with self-checkout. Rose Bikes aims to offer its customers a seamless omnichannel journey.

reta winner 2021 Salling Group

Salling Group

The Salling Group has implemented a new e-commerce structure based on advanced UX, headless commerce (Commercetools), headless CMS (Magnolia), microservices and APIs. In the process it has restructured …

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… its software. With this solution each chain can use the same system to define its own online presence and content, optimised for mobile devices.

Best AI & Robotics Application

reta winners Ikea


In collaboration with Diebold Nixdorf and Checklens, Ikea has developed an AI-based system that automatically detects scanning errors at SCO terminals. A smart camera …

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… above the self-checkout area identifies each product and notifies the customer via the POS software if a product was not scanned. The system can currently identify more than 15,000 Ikea products.

reta winner mediamarktsaturn


MediaMarktSaturn, together with Retresco, has introduced an intelligent software-as-a-service solution that automatically generates texts from technical product attributes. …

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… The online stores of MediaMarkt and Saturn have approximately 350,000 products. Every week several thousand new products are listed and not every manufacturer provides detailed product descriptions for their products. The NLG solution has already generated more than 500,000 unique texts, which the retailer displays on the respective product pages in its e-commerce solutions.

reta winner 2021 San Lucar

SanLucar Obst & Gemüse Handel

The fruit and vegetable retailer SanLucar Obst & Gemüse Handel has cooperated with the Austrian digitalisation expert Barcotec to develop a smart refrigerator that ensures …

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… sufficient supplies of fresh convenience products for customers. Using real-time data from RFID chips, it facilitates accurate production planning by reporting problems such as products that have run out. According to the company, each refrigerator behaves like an autonomous sales stall. For example, it can make sure that it is filled with more melons in hot summer weather and can call for reduced production when bad weather is predicted.

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