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Winner Best AI & Robotics Application 2024
dm-drogerie markt & DmTECH

Valora reta winner 2022

dm-drogerie markt and dmTECH have selected Ubica Robotics’ autonomous shelf scanning robots to create accurate, efficient, and cost-effective digital store twins. The robots developed by Ubica, an award-winning high-tech spin-off from the University of Bremen’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence, utilize advanced cameras and sensors, along with classical and AI-based image recognition algorithms, to generate comprehensive digital twins of store layouts, including realograms and stock information. For instance, automatic detection of out-of-stock items enhances the customer experience through better product availability and significantly reduces the need for manual inventory checks. A smartphone-based product finder helps employees locate products more efficiently during tasks such as replenishment and order commissioning. It enables systematic in-store route planning, resulting in time savings for both employees and customers. Having successfully deployed over 50 robots in German stores, dmTECH plans to double this number to 100 by mid-2024.

“The deployment of Ubica’s shelf-scanning robots marks a significant advancement in the digital transformation of our stores. The early engagement with this technology opens up new opportunities for us on the one hand, and on the other, we as humans are finding an evolutionary approach to these technologies.”

Roman Melcher, CEO of dmTECH and CIO of dm-drogerie markt

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Best AI & Robotics Application
dm-drogerie markt & DmTECH

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