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Winner Best Instore Solutions 2023
Edeka Aschoff

reta winner 2023 Edeka Aschoff

Together with technology partner KBST and their partner Expresso, Edeka Aschoff launched the SmartShopper, a digital shopping cart. The cart is equipped with the “Scanbox”, a tablet which is the “brain” of the SmartShopper. Users can use the attached scanner to add items to their shopping list. When ready to pay, they generate a QR-Code with the device and scan it at the checkout. While shopping, the scale on the cart monitors each item put inside with an accuracy of 2g. The “Scanbox ” learns the correct weight of each item automatically. The system can be installed via QR code.

„It’s exactly the system a retailer like me needs: Thanks to the high-precision checkweigher, everything that is inserted in the cart is recorded. Nothing can be hidden and the gaps that camera recognition undoubtedly has do not exist with this system. This type of control means that the security is so high that you can let customers pay on their own without hesitation, e.g. via an app or at a SCO. As a retailer, I don’t have to maintain item weights or even teach image data, which would be impossible in practice. Everything is fully automatic. On Android, a retailer’s scan&go app can run on the scanbox, with all the benefits for customers and the retailer.”

Robert Aschoff, owner and managing director at Edeka Aschoff

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Best Instore Solutions
Edeka Aschoff

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