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Award-winners 2015

At an evening gala as part of EuroCIS, EHI Retail Institute distinguish the winners of the retail technology awards europe (reta) for the 8th time at the Rheinterrasse in Düsseldorf. Three equally-ranked award winners were chosen in the categories Best Customer Experience, Best In-Store Solution, Best Enterprise Solution and Best Multichannel Solution.


Winner in the Category Best Customer Experience

Carrefour: indoor-navigation, mobile shopping and ESL
Carrefour : Celine Martin and Laudator Ivano Ortis

Carrefour created an integrated solution using indoor navigation, mobile shopping and Pricer’s graphic SmartTAG electronic shelf labels. A mobile App is the cornerstone of their new shopping experience. It allows customers to create shopping lists and search for products – so customers have the advantage of being able to calculate and control their budget before going into the store. The App also generates recipe ideas and suggests which products are required. The App also features a geolocalisation function – once inside the store, it helps customers find any product, and optimizes their shopping route through indoor navigation. The ESL labels are all linked to the product database.

Douglas: skin tone measurement with mobile devices
Douglas: the Douglas Team with Laudator

Douglas allows with a service for customers easy product finding using skin-tone measurement - both in stores and through mobile devices. This type of technology was already developed for stationary stores, but there was no solution for mobile and online. Together with Pantone and the mobile IT development team, they developed this solution.

Hunkemöller: a new, fully integrated and future-proof set of systems
Hunkemoeller: Guus Brinkel, Laudator Ivano Ortis, Britta Hall

Project Ann is Hunkemöllers program which supports the migration from the current shop IT, CRM and e-commerce systems to a new, fully integrated and future-proof, set of systems which supports and drives Hunkemöllers Omnichannel strategy.


Winner in the Category Best In-Store Solution

Argos: Intelligent video walls

To create a vibrant in-store network capable of promoting any one of 33,000 products at a moment’s notice without significant manual effort, Pixel Inspiration deployed a digital signage network to seven Argos stores.

The highly scalable digital signage network, running Scala Content Manager and the Scala Player, is directed not only at in-store customers but also at click-and-collect customers and at outdoor pedestrian traffic. It supports a large number of screens, typically arranged to form several 2x2 video walls. Content is targeted at these walls based on their position in the store, with one screen always dedicated to welcoming the customer into the store and showcasing the staff on duty. Displays around the perimeter of the ‘customer browsing zone’ typically feature product promotions, with different product categories targeted at different zones. In addition, the payment and collection points are supported by several 2x2 video walls.

EDEKA: checkout simulation
Edeka: Florian Hermes (Wincor Nixdorf), Laura Dominguez-Rodriguez , Laudator Joachim Pinhammer

A new simulation process was added to the existing planning process of the checkout zone in cooperation with Wincor Nixdorf. For that purpose the LUNAR GmbH created a tool to simulate the flow of customers through different combinations of checkout technologies.

The following aspects were integrated in the simulation tool:

  • the characteristics of the technologies including details i.e. “multicompartiment” and other checkout form factors
  • the customer distribution
  • limitations due to personnel planning

If the cause for planning is reorganization of an existing retail store, real data from customer receipts will be used to determine the KPIs of the actual state such as queue time, capacity utilization and man hours. The retailer subsequently provides the target state.
The possible scenarios are simulated in order to determine optimal solutions.
A profitability analysis is performed on these, which results in further scenarios being excluded from the final proposals.

REWE: WIFI, ESL & iBeacon in one device
Rewe: Christian Schallenberg (Lancom), Thomas Friedl (Rewe), Laudator Joachim Pinhammer

Rewe has managed WiFi, ESL and LBS / iBeacon to integrate into a single hardware. This project was implemented in close cooperation between the REWE Group and LANCOM Systems. The LANCOM L-322E is the world's first Access Point to combine 4 radio modules into a single device:

  • 2.4 GHz WiFi (hotspot for end customers),
  • 5 GHz WiFi (for own appliactions, such as Wireless Barcode Scanners),
  • 2.4 GHz Electronic Shelf Label, and
  • 2.4 GHz iBeacon (for Location-based Services)

Due to the smart and cost-efficient integration of these technologies, this constitutes the first "all-in" solution for modern, 'digitalized' retailing.


Winner in the Category Best Enterprise Solution

Globus: Vendor Profibility & Agreements Management (VPAM)
Globus: Bernd Grande with Laudator Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker

Globus implemented gicom Vendor Profitability & Agreements Management (VPAM) for purchase planning, vendor negotiation a contract agreements as a seamlessly integration into Globus’ SAP landscape. VPAM helps buyers negotiate the best possible deals. Buyers can tell right away if the deal the vendor is offering will profitable, by using advanced what-if simulations, forecast, and analytics. Using the gicom suite, retailers can improve their margins and lower their cost of goods sold through a closed-loop, streamlined process.

Metro: transparency concerning tracability and sustainability
Metro: Hans-Jürgen Matern (Metro), Jens Kungl (Metro), Laudator Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker, Jörg Pretzel (GS1 Germany)

The Global Standard Traceability Solution (GSTS) is built using innovative real time event repositories that follow the GS1 EPCIS standard and allow for a decentralized data capture, storage and governance while still maintaining full and seamless global interoperability. Comprehensive validation rules on data entry ensure a high data quality. A range of interfaces enable easy mass data upload. An App provides visibility on traceability and sustainability related information as well as complementary information on products and manufacturers even beyond legal requirements. The solution uses a combination of GTIN and lot or serial number as a key to any other information, avoiding complex barcodes.

Migros: complete transparency of the supply chain
Migros: Beat Huber (Migros), Tomislav Pavicic (Migros)  Daniel Balmer (Migros), Laudator Prof. Dr. Jörg Becker

Migros Ostschweiz now always knows exactly which object is where at what time and for what purpose - not only regarding its in-house logistics but due to the compliance of the system to the EPCIS standard Migros Ostschweiz can efficiently receive the respective data seamlessly also from its upstream logistics partners and provide it downstream itself, allowing for controlling precisely and optimizing accordingly its processes in the supply chain end-to-end. Thus, the co-operative lays the foundation for a national roll-out of the EPCIS standard in the Migros eco system from production to consumption. The project is a co-operation with Microsoft and QUIBIQ.


Winner in the Category Best Multichannel

Hervis: Multichannel-project “More ways to shop”
Hervis: Günther Hammerer, Katharina Wendl, Laudator Miya Knights

Under the slogan "more ways to shop" Hervis launched its multichannel initiative with lots of benefits for their customers such as:

  • Click and collect
  • mobile buying
  • order in store
  • order online
  • in store (top sales advise in store)
Kiabi: Fully multichannel-integration
Kiabi: Eric Couvelaere, Laudator Miya Knights

As part of modernizing its IT infrastructure, KIABI has chosen Wincor Nixdorf as its partner for a new software solution. In the future, around 3,200 POS systems with the latest Version 4.5 will be operated in more than 440 stores in France, Italy, Russia, Spain and Portugal. KIABI worked on the business model for the web shop and stores with a comprehensive view of revenue, not only through the prism of their own channel. The project around the click-and-collect and e-book are also part of this project, as well as touch screens that they started to install in the stores.

Pfeiffer: cooled pick-up stations
Pfeiffer: Michael Reichelt (open ideas), Daniel Friesenecker (Pfeiffer Gruppe)

To find a solution which could fulfill the needs of online shoppers, Pfeiffer Group developed a chilled pick-up station for food in cooperation with the Munich startup open ideas GmbH ("open ideas"), the so called "emmasbox". Emmasbox is a chilled pick-up station for online food orders, which can store the whole range of foodstuffs - from frozen foods to dairy products and dried goods - and are built for use both in- and outside. Using active cooling techniques, emmasbox maintains an uninterrupted cool chain of chilled food until pick-up by the Austrian end-consumers. The stations will be installed at central inner-city spots, such as train stations and petrol stations, directly in front of supermarkets as well as in cooperation with big companies and allow the connection of online sales with the stationary presence of stores of the Pfeiffer Group, namely "UNIMARKT" and "Zielpunkt".