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Award-winners 2016

At an evening gala as part of EuroCIS, EHI Retail Institute distinguish the winners of the retail technology awards europe (reta) for the 9th time at the Rheinterrasse in Düsseldorf. Three equally-ranked award winners were chosen in the categories Best Customer Experience, Best In-Store Solution, Best Enterprise Solution and Best Omnichannel Solution.


Winner in the Category Best Customer Experience

Carrefour: Vincent Melay

Carrefour has developed a mobile application that allows shoppers to prepare their shopping trip and easily find promotions while they are in store. Users can browse, select and store promotions from the catalogue, locate them within a store or view specific promotions on a regional map. Thanks to the Carrefour application shoppers can be notified about promotions nearby so that they will never miss out on a good deal in a specific area or in a preferred store department. This innovative application is powered by the world's first implementation of the revolutionary Philips LED-based Indoor Positioning system that provides shopper device location at 30cm accuracy and without latency based on a unique code send out by each Philips LED fixture using Visual Light Communication.


Vapiano's newly launched guest App reduces the waiting time during the ordering and payment process by a large amount. Guests can easily place and pay orders from their smartphones and bypass waiting lines. Vapiano is processing orders faster and is able to offer specific benefits, like bar product recommendations, to targeted users. The easy of use, the accelerated ordering and individual loyalty benefits increase the satisfaction level of guests. Furthermore Vapiano's employees can now react faster to the customer demand and plan their workload in a much better way.

Zalando: Juliane Borchert

Your Zalando is a personalized fashion news feed that enables users to create their own personal shopping experience. Tailored to their wishes, the feed presents personalized product recommendations as well as curated street styles and user generated fashion content from Instagram. Desktop shop and app synchronize automatically and it is the user who decides what to see: by liking and disliking content, but also based on the personal shopping behaviour, the algorithm behind Your Zalando learns and adapts to the user’s interests. Users can easily buy the products that are shown in the feed via the quick buy-function. Apart from an easier and faster shopping experience, Your Zalando makes online shopping more exciting, more fun and more inspiring.


Winner in the Category Best In-Store Solution

Coop: Kurt Blaser

Coop reorganized the shopping and checkout options for the customer. In the entrance area, mobile scanners are offered for the self scanning process during the shopping trip. For those, who don't want to use the Motorola devices, COOP facilitates the use of a COOP self-scanning APP, which is available for download from the app store. With both self-scanning applications shoppers can decide at the end of the shopping trip whether they use the traditional, manned till or the paytower for their payment process. And again, on both checkouts shoppers are free to decide the way of paying cash or cashless. For cashless NFC protocol is offered for contactless paying. For small baskets this is by far the quickest way of paying.

McDonalds Poland
McDonalds: Michal Strzyczkowski, Wincor Nixdorf

McDonald's Poland has chosen to install 32" Next Gen Kiosks by Wincor Nixdorf. Since deploying the kiosks, guests have been able to use the new self-service points to order food quickly without having to queue in line, as well as pay cashless for their orders before reaching the counter. The technology therefore speeds up the order process and improves the overall customer experience. The Next Gen kiosk is an essential part of re-organizing the complete order process. With a particular focus on families, the new self-service kiosks have an excellent user interface for ease and intuitive use. Wincor Nixdorf's Next Gen kiosks has been installed and trialled in nearly 300 restaurants across Poland so far, with plans for further installations in 2016.

Metro C+C: Werner Jankers

Metro Cash and Carry introduced a new POS terminal that reduces search time as well as the number of lost sales through the Findbox solution. The Findbox System recognizes previously used products that customers bring along - just like the human eye recognizes things. After the product is positioned on the tray table, it is  analyzed by 3 separate cameras. With image recognition technology, Findbox proposes the related products on a touch display. Findbox also proposes alternatives and promotions next to the recognized product in order to provide the customer with a full overview of the assortment. After the customer has selected their product, the electronic shelf label starts flashing and gives the customer a clear indication where his product is located.


Winner in the Category Best Enterprise Solution

Aydinli Clothing
Aydinli: Hakan Duran

The system “Store Dashboard” provides a simple and intuitive graphical interface through which managers can remotely observe personal performance and human resource data. This system also allows the staff to view their own profiles. Comparative options can furthermore help to promote the competitiveness.  The KPI Dashboards were developed using SAP BO and are shared with store and central managers. All data was automatically extracted and processed from SAP ERP and POS systems. 457 Store Managers, 17 Territory Managers, 20 Central managers have been equipped with mobile tablet solutions as easy access to their dashboards. This application is a tool that increases the efficacy of sales teams and helps the staff to focus on their targets.

Hunkemöller: Anne Jaakke

A new employee app, which has been launched in seven countries at once, offers a simple information resource for daily business. This application is accessible on all mobile devices and tablets in store. Where employees were once entirely dependent on pulling their information from the cash register's intranet access, everything is now available at their fingertips. The following functionalities help Hunkemöller to increase the engagement and involvement of their employees: News, Chat, So Social, Calendar, Q&A, Polling, Product videos, Customer app, Jobs, Inspiration & My HR. The app is interactive and gives employees a voice. They are up to date 24/7 and feel connected with the HQ's since asking questions and responding is now just 1 click away.

Lidl: Rene Sandführ, Erik Büschlepp

Lidl's challenge was to consolidate a functionally oriented system landscape with more than 90 different modules into one central, process-oriented solution. Lidl decided to leverage the standardization of all processes through the introduction of a standard software solution, SAP Retail powered by HANA, to create more transparency in the procedures and to reduce the complexity. The defined prerequisites were flexibility and a clear focus on the business, to be delivered through an integrated, technologically forward-thinking IT. With these targets in mind Lidl developed together with KPS a global lasting working process template in the rapid prototyping process. In addition, the global consolidation of master data was launched across all countries. The solution will be rolled out internationally in all Lidl countries after a successful start in Austria.


Winner in the Category Best Omnichannel Solution

Douglas: Nils Winter

The Douglas Beauty Tab is a mobile device that offers customers a new shopping experience that exceeds expectations while the solution optimizes internal processes simultaneously. The development focused on optimizing existing processes and on customers' needs as well as on sales staff's needs in order to creat an easy-to-use app. Thanks to the Beauty Tab the salesperson now has access to the purchasing history of the loyalty card customers and can offer personalized customer services. It allows a search by product name or by scanning an article barcode to show all product details with a real-time stock availability check for products online or in-store. It also improves the quality of consulting by offering access to the full range of products with all necessary details like ingredients, how-to-use descriptions etc. After all the solution also saves also valuable customer time because they do not have to wait to pay in a queue at the cash register any more. Mobile payment is possible at all in-store locations.

Elkjop Nordic: Steinar Berger

Elkjop has selected "MDM - Product 360" as their new Product Information Management system to streamline their handling of product information. The web frontend is easily connected to the PIM and the “Informatica Data Quality” component with an inbuilt integration. It has a multi-language support: Norwegian, Finish, Swedish, Danish, Czech Slovakian and English. It has user-friendly rules and interfaces and the ability to be more flexible and deploy both on web front end and rich client. The new system reduces time to market by up to 60% by decreasing time to on-board new online product information from several hours to only a few minutes. It ensures a better, consistent customer experience across store, catalogue promotions and online sales channels.

Unicoop: Francesco Bruscoli

Unicoop started to deploy an omnichannel strategy many years ago by implementing different vertical solutions like self-scanning etc. Unicoop Firenze now needs to align its goals of productivity gains and cost reduction with improving customer experience by increasing their ‘shopability’ across converged in-store, online and mobile channels, allowing their customers to engage with them in a unified manner. Unicoop installed a solution that employs a common-code base used by a single unified data layer and a single unified business logic layer. Headquarters, store back office systems, and each and every touch point, all draw from the same data and business logic. This also enables faster time to market of new business capabilities assuring consistency between the different sales channels and reducing risks. As first touch point of the new omnichannel solution Unicoop Firenze has just gone live with a smartphone-based application. The main features of the solution are a shopping list, self-scanning, mobile payment, promotions, loyalty club, store locator and more.