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Award-winners 2017

At an evening gala as part of EuroShop, EHI Retail Institute distinguish the winners of the retail technology awards europe (reta) for the 10th time at the Rheinterrasse in Düsseldorf. Three equally-ranked award winners were chosen in the categories Best Customer Experience, Best In-Store Solution, Best Enterprise Solution and Best Omnichannel Solution.


Winner in the Category Best Customer Experience

About You
f. l. t. r. Ulrich Spaan (EHI), Christoph Sachsenhausen and Robert Mertzen (About You)

The custom-made technology and business platform ABOUT YOU, which provides customers with personalised fashion inspirations and enables them to actively shape their own ABOUT YOU with user-generated content, creates a win-win situation. ABOUT YOU meets the demands of a young, digital target group. Users no longer have to waste time by clicking through endless product pages but benefit from daily fashion inspiration based on their own interests. At the same time, ABOUT YOU remains innovative and inspirational by integrating crowd creativity. As well as offering a whole new shopping experience online, they have also built a state-of-the-art online shop. This service guarantees that every order is delivered within 1-2 weekdays with a right to return within 100 days free of charge. These factors have generated outstanding customer-satisfaction and rapid growth.

Leroy Merlin
f. l. t. r. Ulrich Spaan (EHI), representative for Leroy Merlin Hans W. Reinhard (Messe Düsseldorf)

Leroy Merlin has equipped its stores with Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels for accurate and reliable prices to improve customers' experience. The IR signal strength of each label is used to calculate its position in the store. The signal from a label is picked up by multiple transceivers which can position the ESL on the sales floor by means of automated trilateration. This exclusive product positioning system has been implemented on the mobile application which is able to position the product on a store map. With the automated positioning system implemented in the Leroy Merlin app and in the kiosks, associates are now able to concentrate on providing added value and customer-oriented services. Geo-location has simplified the customer experience and helps shoppers save time and find the product they are looking for reliably and quickly.

Media Saturn
f. l. t. r. Ulrich Spaan (EHI), Andrea Finkenzeller-Lohse and Christian Stephan (Media Saturn)

Media-Saturn has worked with Fraunhofer to develop Paul - an autonomous robotic sales assistant that is currently based at the Saturn store in Ingolstadt. Paul can move and speak and his main task is to greet customers and to help them find the more than 45,000 products stocked in the store. He can also answer simple questions about products. This saves human sales staff having to deal with these routine tasks and helps Saturn to offer customers an innovative and unique shopping experience. Paul is connected to an online product database, which means he is always knows about current prices, special offers and availabilities. Paul uses a semantic dialog system that enables context-aware speech interaction and he can also detect customers’ emotions, gender and age. Paul also uses VOIP to call a sales assistant if a customer needs to talk someone in more depth. Paul is operable for 10 hours per day during which time he covers a distance of over 5 km.


Winner in the Category Best In-Store Solution

f. l. t. r. Ulrich Spaan (EHI), representative for Benetton Massimo Volpe (Retail Institute Italy)

Benetton has created a standardized global unique solution for direct and franchise sale channels which generates more accurate sales information. With this turnkey solution Benetton is ideally placed for new franchisee framework contracts. They now have a holistic software solution suite which can be used globally for retail stores and which includes a back office solution for the franchisee shops integrated with Benetton’s legacy software. The solution includes deployment, helpdesk, incident management, monitoring and on-site support. It provides strong innovation leadership which provides competitive advantages through CRM, mobility and Omnichannel solutions. This flexible all-in-one service model provides consumers a shopping experience closer to the company’s values.

Bollag Guggenheim
f. l. t. r. Ulrich Spaan (EHI), Anna Langenbach (Bollag Guggenheim)

Using OSRAM technology with Beacon functionality, the software enabler beaconsmind was able to implement a location-based service which connects the mobile app "The Gallery" to the beaconsmind Suite and the POS/CRM from Guggenheim. The system is installed in the existing lighting system of Bollag-Guggenheim's Marc O'Polo retail stores to provide highly homogeneous signal coverage. Customers with the mobile app entering the store now benefit from personalized welcome messages and offers. Instore purchase behaviour is captured at the POS and made accessible to Bollag-Guggenheim via the beaconsmind Suite dashboard.

f. l. t. r. Ulrich Spaan (EHI), Markus Guggenbühler and Patrizio Falivene (Manor)

Manor asked store builder Glaeser Projekt and Swiss retail technology supplier Tradesolutions to design a new SCO cash desk. The new desk had to be "functional", "smart" and "space saving" and the user interface and cash desk needed a design which would attract the customer but also provide an easy checkout process. The look&feel of the cash desk isn't technical at all and reflects the natural atmosphere customers experience in Manor Food markets. The illuminating screen is a strong statement and underlines the modern touch. After only one week in operation, nearly 20 % of all transactions were performed by SCO.


Winner in the Category Best Enterprise Solution

Aydınlı Group
f. l. t. r. Michael Gerling (EHI), Hakan Duran (Aydinli)

Aydınlı Group decided to develop a supplier portal as an all in one solution with SAP, Visual PLM and Business Objects. The solution is web based and provides easy access to the required data anywhere, any time and on any platform. It works with real time data and notices any changes instantaneously. It has user-friendly screens which can be used to obtain a huge amount of information with just a few clicks. A system password and SMS notification provide high security. High performance ensures fast workflows. All supply chain operations can be monitored by managers while improved workflows save time and digitalization saves paper.

f. l. t. r. Michael Gerling (EHI), Marco Pair (Europris)

Europris chose a proprietary columnar database from RELEX Solutions which is optimized for supply chain applications. In-Memory Computing which delivers results 100x faster than traditional systems. Europris decided that the flexible system could easily be fitted around its processes and was agile enough to evolve with the business. It is now fully rolled out across Europris’s DC, 230+ stores and 600 suppliers. Inventory was cut by over 17% in 18 weeks; store availability went up from <92% to >97%; out-of-stock-days fell by 53%; products on-stock (SKU/location) rose by over 30%; ordering time was cut by up to 85%. Many stores are now spending just 30 minutes a day on ordering rather than the three hours they used to need. Managers are refocusing their time on customer care, building better displays and keeping floor plans up to date.

f. l. t. r. Michael Gerling (EHI), Ayla Gürtekin and Banu Dal (SOK Market)

Seasonal effects and promotions change from store to store. SOK has to produce forecasts for each SKU at each store. Various scientific demand forecasting methods are used. Ensemble and machine learning algorithms are applied to 5 million data sets to generate final decisions for next-day forecasts every night. At the next stage, optimization algorithms are used to decide on inventory levels based on inventory holding costs and shortage costs in relation to customer service levels stipulated by supply chain managers. Decisions made by the OBASE Replenishment system are integrated into its ERP system. Scenario-based interactive dashboards help supply chain managers to define system parameters correctly. The outcome is a data-driven decision support system which is compatible with companies’ business strategy.


Winner in the Category Best Omnichannel Solution

f. l. t. r. Michael Gerling (EHI), Thierry Letrilliart and Thomas Dessalien (1-2-3)

After a relaunch of the website based on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud unified trading platform, 1-2-3 launched a tool for “MorphoStyle” named “ClicknDress”. This tool helps limit choice and product returns. With 150 different morphological models modelled on patterns of clothes, the client can choose the model and size that suits them. As a special benefit videos are added to the product detail pages. The 1-2-2 solution has already been used 15,000 times with an increase in online sales of +38%. 1-2-3 has also had a huge increase in the number of page views and a lower bounce rate.

f. l. t. r. Michael Gerling (EHI), Jochen Mauch and Timo Weltner (Euronics)

With the new omnichannel strategy Euronics, members can reach their customers at all relevant touchpoints. Members provide customers with an individual, service-orientated shopping experience in combination with a comfortable e-commerce solution. Members are able to combine thousands of products with local services and individual competences. Customers receive all the offers of retailers within a radius of 20 km and it is possible to pick up the goods directly in a shop or to choose shipment home. What is more, it is possible to buy several services e.g. product unboxing and connection. Visits to Euronics went up by +60% after the launch. More than 80,000 products are available with over 280 local services.

f. l. t. r. Michael Gerling (EHI), Philipp Oberkirchner (Hervis)

Under the slogan "more ways to shop" Hervis implements its omnichannel strategy for store, online and mobile with lots of benefits for customers such as:

+ Click & Collect
+ Click & Reserve
+ Order in Store
+ Order Online
+ Return in Store
+ Exchange in Store

It provides seamless integration of ERP and the web shop. POS allows live data views for online payments and offline payments in the stores. Customers are able to redeem vouchers and make use of special discounts in the same way both online and offline. The Hervis Omnichannel strategy merges online with offline.